Handling Browser Alert:

Alert is not a WebElement, This is property/object of Browser. Thats why we cannot click to alert button the way that we click on other element in web page
Click the button below to tell browser to show the date and time in Alert pop up.

Select object demo:

From selenium library we use Select class to select item from DropDown element.
What lanugage do you use for Selenium Framework?
In Java, what you must need to create an object?

Radio, Checkbox demo:

Process of clicking radio button or checkboxes are same as other element such as link, button etc.

What object from Selenium framework you use to handle drop down type element?

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Stale Element Reference Exception Demo:

When selenium throw an error for 'Stale Element Reference Exception'. That simply means that element that you found, on that you cannot perform any operation, such as click, sendKeys, getText etc because locator information has been changed. This happens very frequently on javascript rich web page. Now, to see this in real, first get text 'Welcome to TnT' from the button below, then click on the button, then again try to get the same text.

File upload by WebDriver:

File upload has similar process like typing something in a text field. After identifying the file upload element, we just do sendKeys the location of the file that we want to upload.

XPATH [Relationship]:

Xpath relationship is like finding element by parent, child, sibling, ancestor etc.
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Selenium WebDriver

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Explicit wait examples:

Explicit wait until text present in element:

Explicit wait is a smarter then implicit wait. With explicit wait we can tell WebDriver to wait for an element based on various conditions.

In the example below, one quote will be displayed, and you want WebDriver to wait until the text is present on this element. But the problem is quote will be displayed between 5 to 60 seconds.
In this situation we can use ExplicitWait to instruct WebDriver to wait maximum 120 seconds but if found early proceed.

Today's quote..

Explicit wait until presence of element:

In following example, we will need to click on a button. But button will be present in web page between 10 - 3o seconds. We can use ExplicitWait here to tell webdriver to wait for button to be present with maximum of 60 seconds. In this case again, webdriver will wait max 60 seconds but, if button found before webdriver will continue to next step.

Actions object demo:

We use Actions class, to perform operation such as mouse over, drag and drop, click and hold, right click and more.
Drag the Time and Training logo and drop into the orange box by Actions object:
Perform mouse over to button below by Actions class:

  • Mouse over on me
  • Mouse over on me
  • Mouse over on me
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